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Hi. You have found the home page of Shannon (aka Shea). Welcome. In case you are curious about the title, the name Shannon is Gaelic for "small and wise like a donkey."  When I first put this site up in 1995, a search for "Shannon + Homepage"  resulted in several hits, so I decided to title my own site a bit more uniquely.

It's all about me...

I was born in Seattle, Washington in 1971, and spent my early years in the outskirts of that town. At the tail end of the 5th grade, a chunk of my family moved to the East Coast where I lived for then next several years.  I am a two-time alumni of Thomas Jefferson's great adademic village, the University of Virginia where I received my BS ('93) and MS ('96). I spent my early adult (18 and over) life moving between Charlottesville, Virginia where I was in school and Rochester, New York (a.k.a. Sunshine Capitol).  In 1999, I moved back to Seattle which is now my home-base for living, working and traveling.

Web Design...

This site has morphed many times since I first put up this page in 1995. It has grown to include travel journals and photo albums and in June of 2009 I had to take it down when it was attacked by a virus on the servers. Fun, fun. Will it go back up? Since the last time I worked on it was in 2004, it might be a while. This site is my play thing and if you found your way here then chances are that you know who I am and you also know that I've been tending to other projects.

Happy thoughts and good things,

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